Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Deciding Hard Issues: Dancing" [part 3]

What comes next in the Sequence For Understanding are the Biblical Principles we derive from Biblical Truth. But before we get to Biblical Principles, first, let’s consider two common justifications for or against dancing which aren't relevant.

1. “I Like It, so it’s OK” or “I Don’t Like It, so it’s not OK”.
The fact that a person likes or dislikes dancing is not the basis for deciding the rightness or wrongness of dancing. The fact that someone likes dancing or doesn’t like dancing only tells us 1 thing: That there is some characteristic of that person which likes or dislikes dancing.

The question to ask now would be: Why does someone like it or not like it?
What is it about dancing that you like?
If you believe dancing is wrong, then why?

What a person likes doesn’t determine truth. What you don’t like doesn’t determine truth.
These only tell us what you like or don’t like. And that is all they tell us.

People use these arguments as if they decide everything. But they don’t decide anything.

2. “Other Christians Dance”
Again, that doesn’t prove the rightness or wrongness of dancing or anything else. Some churches give away money to get people to come. Many Christians drink wine & beer.

All this means is that there are Christians who believe dancing, alcohol, etc. are OK.
I could also say that there are many Christians who do not dance. But again, that doesn’t prove anything either except that some Christians have reasons to believe dancing is wrong.
Those reasons may be good or ridiculous, but numbers of people for or against something doesn’t prove legitimacy.