Tuesday, December 11, 2007

G. Campbell Morgan's Personal Library

Below you will find pictures of some of the books I have from G. Campbell Morgan's personal library. I have about 90 books which I have collected over the last 4 years, most from a pastor who taught one of Morgan's greatgrandsons in seminary. It is a tragedy of epic proportions that Morgan's descendants are donating his library to the Chicago Theological Seminary (United Church of Christ).

This is volume 1 of Morgan's copy of The Expositor's Bible. Morgan apparently did not write in or mark his books very much (at least in the ones that I have.) But in this book, he made several notes, especially in the first few pages. Marcus Dods, a well-known liberal theologian, was the author of this volume, and Morgan noted where he agreed and disagreed with Dods. I have 46 volumes of this set, the volumes on Isaiah and Galatians are missing.

Note also the numerical notation under Morgan's name. This seems to be Morgan's system for organizing his library. I'm not sure how the system worked, and I haven't seen his system referenced in any of the literature I've read about Morgan.

This is a letter written (I assume) by Morgan to Albert Swift when Swift left Westminster Chapel to pastor his own church. The letter is in the front of volume 1 of Hastings 5 volume Dictionary of the Bible, which Morgan apparently gave to Swift as a parting gift. I do not know how Morgan or his family obtained the books again.

This book on homilectics by William Shedd has a section on "originality" which Morgan marked in his copy with a "checkmark" and used in his own book Preaching (see pp.33-39).

This book is volume 1 of a 14 volume set of "tracts", short essays on theological subjects. Apparently, Morgan spent considerable time with this set because he indexed the set by subject and author.

This book is a memoir about a man named William Dawson, published in 1842. It is one of the few books I have where Morgan actually wrote his name, usually in pencil. At some point, Morgan had his signature made into a handstamp, and many of the books have his name "handstamped" in the front.

This book was given to Morgan by Frank Gaebelein and inscribed to Morgan as a Christmas gift in 1929.

These are pictures , not of books from Morgan's personal library, but of a "study Bible" authorized by him. The Bible includes an introduction from Morgan and Morgan's outlines of each Biblical book. I have not seen this Bible in any online used book lists.